Mark Chai rescues abandoned metal objects from hospitals, scrap metal yards, and road sides to create beautiful, functional furniture.

"Wok & Roll" is what Mark calls this space age shelving system. The hull is a found street lamp housing that looks like either a giant wok or an Apollo space capsule. It is fitted with two wooden shelves, held together on a tripod constructed of stainless steel rods once used to hold IV bags. One of a kind.
Wok and Roll, shelf system
"Wok & Roll"
41" diameter, 52" high
This table is made of construction remnant drainage culvert and oriented strand board. Included is a stainless steel, round unfitted drawer, made from an industrial stainless steel filter, that holds 85 CDs.
Spiral Culvert table
"Spiral Culvert" table
28" diameter, 29" high
The top of this table is from found plastic, cut into a parallelogram. The stainless steel drawer once was a sterilizer for surgical instruments.
Red Table by Mark Chai
"Red Top" table
private collection
Custom designed furniture includes the "Cutting Edge" magazine rack, commissioned by The Contemporary Museum cafe. It's made from found steel, two wooden chair backs, and an old axe Mark found under his house.
Cutting Edge by Mark Chai
"Cutting Edge" magazine rack
steel, wooden chair backs, found axe
at The Contemporary Museum cafe

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