"I searched for a lamp for months for my new home, which is rather post-industrial and commercial looking, with concrete block walls, lots of steel, high ceilings, etc; yet I still wanted a warm feel about the place.  I was taken immediately by the "Light Pod." It was the first piece of art I installed in the house and it looks fantastic!"
- Catherine Stocker, Napa Valley Reserve Winery
Light Pod by Mark Chai.
"Light Pod"
32" diameter x 16" height
other sizes available

Mark Chai lamps are constructed of interlocking precision hand-cut pieces of 2-ply wood veneer of maple, mahogany or cherry, or white PVC plastic.  Lamps have been commissioned by American Savings Bank, Herb Alpert and "town" restaurant.

Mark says, "I like creating art that the viewer interacts with. What better way than to turn something on!"
Ipu Lamp by Mark Chai.
"Ipu" 15" diameter x 24" height

Pahu Lamp by Mark ChaiPahu Lamp Detail by Mark Chai
"Pahu" (night and detail) 14" diameter x 29" height other sizes available

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