Recycled Art

“Colony” implies uncontrolled growth and decay and was inspired by a bee colony that had overtaken an old-growth tree, just as man-made structures rise across a once uninhabited landscape.


55 gallon recycled barrel

"These pieces are part of my recent exploration of manipulating plastic industrial barrels with heat. The conception of the pieces is born from a social commentary of our contemporary lifestyle and consciousness. These white containers are discarded objects being given a new life as an art medium. Their iconic form is a recognized symbol of man’s toxic footprint, and yet their melted milky white surface is alluring to the senses." Mark Chai

“Hawaiian Land Grab” reflects the overdevelopment of Hawaii’s sacred lands. In this piece, extruded fingers grab lava rocks juxtaposed around the barrel in the same configuration as the major islands of Hawai‘i.
"Hawaiian Land Grab" 30 gallon barrel

"Obama, Light of Hope" cut out table lamp made from recycled X-Ray film boxes and koa wood base - limited edition

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